2023-07-28  |  百检 168浏览

Disclosed are devices, systems and methods for controlling scent delivery by a scented article for beverage containers such as box cartons. In some aspects, a scent delivery system includes a cap removably attachable to a carton container at an opening of the carton container, the cap being moveable between an open position that allows a fluid beverage within the carton container to flow outward and a closed position that prevents the beverage to flow outward; and a scented article that couples to the carton container or the cap and operable to generate a scent capable of stimulating an olfactory sensation of a user including during consumption of the beverage when the cap is in the open position, and when the cap is in closed position, a seal is created by the cap and a base region of the carton container to enclose the scented article and lock in the scent.