Conveyor system that senses and separates product

2023-07-26  |  百检 190浏览

Embodiments of a conveyor system for separating cases of product are disclosed. An elongated, substantially horizontal frame extends from an entry point to an exit point and has a plurality of linear zones. A plurality of motivators is arranged along the frame, such that a case placed on one or more motivators will be moved forward toward the exit point by a coordinated movement of the motivators. A plurality of case sensors arranged along the frame detects the presence of one or more cases within each of the linear zones, and a controller activates the motivators such that a minimum time period elapses between cases delivered to the exit point. The system can include an AC/DC power supply configured to receive 110-120V alternating current power at 60 Hz and to provide direct current power to the controller, the plurality of case sensors, and the plurality of individually-controllable motivators.