Trailer access point pairing

2023-07-24  |  百检 233浏览

A trailer electronic braking system comprising a braking device capable of generating a braking force on a wheel on the trailer. The braking force is applied to brake cylinders andis controllable by a braking ECU 13, which braking ECU 13 is connected to a standards compliant communication bus on said trailer. The ECU 13 is adapted to receive data inputs from sensors 5, 6, on the trailer. The system further comprises means to interface to trailer electronics and a communications interface having a 802.11 wireless cardadapted to transmit an SSID. The braking system is adapted to transmit a trailer identifier comprising the SSID. The trailer identifier can be paired with a further device previously provided with the trailer identifies. The braking system enables the SSID to be changed to a second SSID when a predetermined condition is met.