Image capture and display system

2023-07-21  |  百检 158浏览

A system, such as a driver assistance system, arranged to form images of outside a vehicle for viewing from an eye box region within the vehicle. The system comprises an image capture device 780, a picture generating unit 795 and an optical element 740. The image capture device is arranged to be mounted to the vehicle. The image capture device is arranged to capture images outside the vehicle. The optical element is disposed in front of a replay plane 716. The optical element has a focal length. The distance 690 between the replay plane and the optical element is less that the focal length of the optical element such that the optical element forms a virtual image of each picture for viewing from the eye box region. The picture generating unit may be a holographic projector. The holographic projector may be arranged to form pictures on a replay plane. Each picture may correspond to an image captured by the image capture device.