Blade of abrasive grain and method for producing

2023-07-20  |  百检 126浏览

roblem: even if the cutting length of the workpiece is longer or the high load cutting condition of the abrasive saw blade blade is higher, the cutting edge of the cutting surface of the work is suppressed, and the stable cutting is performed.The abrasive layer 14 is electrodeposited along the circumferential direction on one side edge of the base metalA plurality of first protrusions 16 and a plurality of second protrusions 18 protruded from both sides of the abrasive layer 14 in the belt thickness direction are formed circumferentially spaced apart.A plurality of partition portions 20 for partitioning the abrasive layer 14 into a plurality of areas a on one side edge of the base metal 12 are formed at intervals in the circumferential direction.The ratio P2 / (P1 + P2) of the division portion 20 is set to 0.2 to 17%.Diagram