Industrial machinery transfer mechanism

2023-07-20  |  百检 162浏览

Problem to be solved: to provide a transfer mechanism of an industrial machine capable of facilitating the transfer of an industrial machine and having a stable installation without occupying the surrounding space.Transfer mechanism 12 of industrial machinery isA vertically penetrating through holeA bracket 13 detachably attached to a through hole 16 in a state in which a first fastener of an industrial machine having a base 2 installed on the surface to be installed through a through hole 16 is removed from a second fastener 18, and a first fastenerProvided with a friction reducing member 14 mounted on the bracketBy means of the vertical force applied between the base 2 and the bracket 13 by the second fastener 18 by using the through holeWhen industrial machinery is movedThe friction reducing member 14 is lowered below the bottom surface of the base 2.Diagram