Duplex stainless steel and method for producing th

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作者:OIKAWA,Yuusuke | TSUGE,Shinji


发明人:OIKAWA,Yuusuke | TSUGE,Shinji 年:2022,


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An object of the present invention is to be applied to a steel species having corrosion resistance of SUS329J1 or more, and an object of the present invention is to obtain a two-phase stainless steel material exhibiting excellent corrosion resistance and high economics in an environment of chloride ion concentration close to water or sea water. The inventors have found that the effect of increasing the formula generation temperature CPTs by reducing Mn to less than 2.0% and n to 0.25% or less, and then adding Nb in trace amounts is easy to obtain. The effect of Cr nitride and Nb nitride on the precipitation of Cr nitride and Nb nitride after the solidification heat treatment of the steel to which Nb was added in trace amounts was added was checked to the end, thereby developing a two-phase stainless steel having enhanced corrosion resistance of a base material. That is, by slowly cooling to 800 °C. and then quenching to 600 °C., precipitation of chromium nitride and niobium nitride can be controlled and the ratio of Cr amount [Cr] to Nb amount [Nb] in the extraction residue can be 0.2 or more, corrosion resistance can be increased.